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Paramount Automotive Group customers come from all over to shop for and service their vehicle with us. With nine showroom and service department locations, truly Paramount Automotive Group is the place for all things automotive in North Carolina. Just what is it like to do business with Paramount Automotive Group? Our customers have the story here. We hope you’ll take some time to look through our reviews and will consider leaving one of your own once you have been in to see us. Thank you in advance for your time.

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James M Boyle 27 Jun 2017
Kris Kyrsalka is very professional, knowledgable and responsive. He is a "car guy" and straightforward. Lee Stevens, Sales Manager, and Jeff Francisco, General Manger, each initiated with me to help make a fair deal on a reasoned basis in a manner that allowed me to purchase a Ferrari over the sight unseen. I have purchased many sports over the years, including Ferraris. My experience with Foreign Cars Italia ranks in the top tier. I expect to be a repeat buyer. Show more
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DICKSONUNC 26 Jun 2017
I have purchased no less than 100 cars in my life-- for personal or professional uses-- and I have NEVER had the experience I had with Foreign Cars Italia. Mark Euell was the most engaging, professional and efficient person I have worked with and I have bought some really nice cars from some really... nice places. Mark and the entire Team at FCI made buying a car a "total customer experience". I feel like I have made friends for life with this group! Show more
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KBNJ 26 Jun 2017
Justin Bailey was extremely professional from our first communication through the close of our transaction. Our out of state purchase was organize efficiently and the transportation company they used completed a first rate experience. All was seamless from beginning to end. It is evident they are pr...oud to provide an exceptional experience for their clientele. KB Show more
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waynew 20 Jun 2017
The sales representative, Bucky Bates was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about the car I wanted to purchase. Very good at explaining the cars options. Would highly recommend him.
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davcuts 19 Jun 2017
I have mixed feelings about Paramount Kia of Asheville. It all started when I applied for credit at the Kia website. They turned me down so imagine my surprise when Paramount Kia called the next day. I was instructed to fill out another credit report at their website. I did just that and a few hours... later I got a phone call from Anthony Parton. He said I had been preapproved by Kia Credit, and all I need to do was come in and talk to him. I made an appointment to see him the very same day. I took my father with me because he knows more about how to handle car dealers. As we set for an hour or so it became clear I was not going to qualify for a new car based on my low income. But Anthony reassured me I still could get a car financed for around $10,000 to $11,000. They had one in that price range I was interested it. It was a Toyota Yaris, but unfortunately it was located at their other location on Tunnel Rd. He said he could have it delivered the next day if I wanted to make an appointment. I told him I would have to think about it and would let him know. Several days later I made up my mind and decided to purchase the Yaris. I called Anthony and discussed about bringing it over to his location so I could test drive it. He said he would give me a call and let me know. After waiting several hours I gave up and decided to call him. When I spoke with him I was sad to learn the car had just been sold. I decided to ask him about another Toyota they had listed for sale. He told me it was out of my price range and I would need a cosigner. After getting off the phone with Anthony I called my father and asked if he would sign for me, and he reluctantly agreed. So I made another appointment with Anthony at 5pm that night. I test drove the car and loved it. I however failed to make sure everything was in good working order. When they said it was a Gold Star and went through a lengthy inspection I didn't think I had to. I was happy to have bought my Toyota Corolla that night. But Anthony had better news. He knew someone who 100% wanted to buy my 18 year old clunker. He said he would let me know the next day. Once again I made several phone calls to Anthony, and only got a runaround with him. If the person he knew changed her mind and didn't want to buy my old car I wondered why he just wouldn't tell me. Later that night I decided to save the pictures of my car that Paramount had on their website. I was sad to learn they had already been removed from their website, but oddly enough the Toyota Yaris that I was told had already been sold was still listed. It's been over a month now since I bought my Corolla and the Yaris is still listed on their website. Anthony once again lied to me. After all of this I thought that would be the last I would have to deal with Paramount Kia of Asheville. But three weeks after to my dismay I discovered a power door lock did not work. Yes it was foolish of me not to have checked during the test drive, but as I said earlier they did use words like Gold Star and the car had went through a lengthy inspection, so I thought the car was in good working order. So that very day I called Anthony and asked if Paramount Kia would fix it. It was late Saturday when I called so he instructed me to call back Monday morning so he could speak to his supervisor. I did just that and once again I got the runaround from Anthony so I called back and asked to speak to the manager. I spoke briefly with Tom Ellis and he said to bring my car in to be looked at, and he said he would get Anthony to call me. Anthony called me and we set up a time to bring my car in. They looked at my door lock and said I needed to take it to a Toyota dealership, and they would likely fix it for free because the warranty had only expired a few months earlier. I thought that sounded odd. I didn't know you could get your car serviced for free after the warranty expired. Thankfully the closest Toyota dealer was just a short distance away. After getting to the Toyota dealership I was instructed I would have to get the repair approved by Toyota, and was given a 1-800 number to call. So I called and asked if they would be so kind to fix it, and they gave me a flat out NO. So I drove back to Paramount Kia and spoke once again with Anthony. He seemed surprised Toyota wouldn't fix it, but there was no need to worry he knew a local mechanic that would fix it for me, and Paramount Kia would pay to have it fixed. Once again he said he would call me and let me know. And of course he never did. I had to call him and he told me he couldn't get in touch with the local mechanic he mentioned, but as soon as he did he would let me know. So I decided to call the mechanic and was surprised they answered on the second ring. I asked him if Paramount Kia had called them and he said no. Once again I had been given the runaround by Anthony. So I called and spoke to his manager Tom Ellis once again and asked why they couldn't get their service department to fix it. He said they could and once again instructed me to bring it in. The reason I have mixed feelings about Paramount Kia is the runaround and lies I was told. But they did fix my power door lock for free after a long hassle. All in all I recommend Paramount Kia of Asheville, but if you expect them to be out front and honest you might be disappointed. Show more
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Fierydawn 19 Jun 2017
This is the second time a have traded with Paramount KIA. Jodi has been my sales representative both times. She is honest, and she will not sell you a car unless you love it! She wants you to be super happy with your purchase. Jodi is easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable! I go to Paramount... just for her! Thank you Jodi! I love my Forte 5! Show more
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Hyatth10 19 Jun 2017
John was very friendly and accommodating. This was me and my husbands first car buying experience. John made us feel informed and heard. He made buying my dream car a very pleasant memory
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ANelly 16 Jun 2017
John was so awesome. He never once gave up no matter how many obstacles I presented him with. He got me a new car for my baby and my little family and I will forever be grateful!
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JaneF 15 Jun 2017
I went to Paramount Kia with the thought of buying a used car but after speaking with the manager, Aaron, I decided leasing might be the ticket for me. I used to drive a Kia Soul and loved it but had to sell it before moving overseas. The new 2017 Souls caught my attention and the idea of leasing in... order to keep my monthly payment lower seemed like the right idea. Although there were some communication mix-ups, everything was sorted out in the end and the dealership made sure everything was exactly right and to my satisfaction. I purchased the maintenance plan so will be back regularly for maintenance and I look forward to seeing the guys who helped me, manager Aaron, sales guy Alex, and finance guy Jordan. Overall, an easy experience and a good place to go if you're in the market for a car. All facilities are modern, clean and pleasant and I will not be reluctant to go there to hang out while my car is being serviced! Show more
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Cindy 14 Jun 2017
I had a great experience at paramount Kia of Asheville. Andrew was really helpful in giving me options of cars that were a good fit for me. I never felt that uncomfortable pressure you sometimes get at car dealerships, but that he genuinely wanted to help me find the perfect car. He was personable a...nd friendly. Everyone else I spoke to was nice, and I got many congratulations when I purchased my new Kia Soul. The car is perfect and am so happy I went to Kia of Asheville. Show more
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